Acrylic Roof Coatings

Top-Quality Materials

When you choose roof restoration as an option for roof replacement, you can rely on FIVE STAR ROOF SOLUTIONS, INC. to use top-quality materials from Conklin, including acrylic roof coatings. Not only does an acrylic roof coating application provide great protection from direct sunlight and serve as a great waterproofing agent, but they are also an attractive coating to use.

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Acrylic and shingle roof with a grey, cloudy sky in the background.

Benefits of Acrylic Roof Coating

When you get an acrylic coating application in Woodward, PA, you’ll get a durable protective coating valued for its effectiveness against the damages caused by regular exposure to sunlight and moisture.

Below are further advantages of using acrylic coatings:

  • Reflective: Coatings are reflective and provide UV protection, improving your roof’s energy efficiency, cooling it in the summer and keeping it warm in the winter. You’ll notice a marked improvement in savings on your energy bills.
  • Cost-effective: These low-cost coatings are as durable as any other elastomeric coating. They are also easy to install so you’ll save on labor costs as well.
  • Stops leaks: Current leaks are sealed and seamless application helps prevent new leaks from developing.
  • Recoating application: A new coat can be applied as the warranty expires. Moreover, we issue a brand new warranty after a recoating is performed.

Acrylic coatings are often applied as a substitute for roof replacement. With roof restoration, your roof stays intact and the coating application takes very little time. This means there will be little to no disruption to your day-to-day business, so you will save money, and won’t have to close your facilities, as you might with a roof replacement.

As a locally owned and operated Amish commercial roofer in Woodward, PA, businesses know they can trust us to provide quality services. Our crews are held to the highest standard and won’t cut corners. 

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