PVC Roof Repair & Installation

PVC Roofing

Long-Lasting Roofing Material

Businesses rely on PVC roofs for low-slope and flat roofing because of their durability, especially their puncture- and tear-resistance. They are also preferred as a cool roofing solution because of their remarkable capability to reflect the sun’s heat and damaging UV radiation. This strong UV protection makes PVC energy efficient, cooling your building dramatically, and saving you money.

If you need a dependable, energy-efficient roofing system and want to install PVC roofing in Woodward, PA, turn to the single-ply roofing specialists at FIVE STAR ROOF SOLUTIONS, INC. You can find out more about us, get an estimate, or schedule a service by calling 814-810-6982.

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Businesses choose FIVE STAR ROOF SOLUTIONS, INC. for commercial roofing because as an Amish commercial roofer in Woodward, PA, they know our team values integrity. They also know we use Conklin products in our roofing, some of the highest-quality materials on the market today. Our prices are also affordable and we offer excellent warranties on labor and materials.

Benefits of PVC Roofing

If you want a long-term roofing solution, then PVC roof installation in Woodward, PA is the choice for you.

  • Cost-effective: This durable roofing material is cost-effective because it’s highly resistant to breaks, tears and water absorption.
  • Longevity: These roofs are known to last 20 or more years and their sturdiness makes them low maintenance.
  • Chemical resistance: Excellent for manufacturing facilities because these roofs are resistant to harsh chemicals and toxins

All of these characteristics combine to make a great roofing system and providing excellent, high-performing roofs is why FIVE STAR ROOF SOLUTIONS, INC. specializes in single-ply membranes like PVC, TPO, and EPDM.

As with other single-ply roofing systems, when it comes to PVC roof repair, or as an alternative to PVC roof replacement, we recommend adding an elastomeric roof coating. Any leaks get sealed up and energy efficiency is improved with these roofing materials.

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Looking for a great roofing solution for your business? For durability and cost-effectiveness installing PVC roofing in Woodward, PA is a great choice for you. Check with FIVE STAR ROOF SOLUTIONS, INC. to learn more about this roofing solution by calling 814-810-6982.