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TPO Roofing

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One of the most popular roofing materials—for flat roofs, especially—is TPO. This single-ply membrane roofing system is durable and energy efficient. With TPO, you’ll have better protection from damage and leaks and save money on utility expenses from the cooling effects it has on the roof.

If you are looking for experts in TPO roofing in Woodward, PA, whether for installation, repair, or replacement, you need to look no further than FIVE STAR ROOF SOLUTIONS, INC. Book a service appointment or get an estimate from us by calling 814-810-6982.


As an Amish commercial roofer in Woodward, PA, area businesses know our crews are held to the highest standards and always operate with integrity. They also know that as a certified Conklin dealer, we use top-grade products for all our commercial roofing projects.

Advantages of TPO Roofing

As many building managers know, flat roofing systems aren’t always the most energy-efficient roofing available. Heat transfer isn’t always of the highest quality, but if you choose TPO roofing in Woodward, PA, you’ll see a definite improvement in energy efficiency.

Along with energy efficiency, you’ll benefit from TPO roof installation in a variety of ways, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness: These roofing systems are very affordable and easy to install, so you’ll save on labor costs as well.
  • Durability: They are puncture- and tear-resistant and put your roof at less risk of developing leaks.
  • Environmentally friendly: The material is 100% recyclable.

As an alternative to TPO replacement, our preferred TPO repair option is to spray it with an elastomeric coating. As TPO ages, it can become prone to cracking and leaking. Roof coatings seal the leaks and also further improve energy efficiency. Coatings can be reapplied several times. Moreover, when we add a coating, we’ll update your roof’s warranty.

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TPO installation can prove to be a money-saving project for your business. When you want local professionals for TPO roofing in Woodward, PA, turn to the team at FIVE STAR ROOF SOLUTIONS, INC.. We offer a full range of commercial roofing solutions to fit every need. Call us today at 814-810-6982 for quotes on projects or to schedule a service.